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Rules and guidelines for our public treasure hunts

posted Sep 6, 2017, 8:33 AM by The League of Intrigue
1. Our public treasure hunts are open to anyone, there is currently no cap on how many prizes you can win.
2. To claim your prize, your picture WILL BE POSTED to our Facebook page along with either your first name or your screen name, this is for promotional purposes.
3. Our prizes are awarded as is, there are no substitutions and there is no cash value.
4. Our treasures will always be hidden on public property in a safe location, you will never have to enter private property, and if you don't feel safe, you're probably in the wrong spot.
5. Extra clues will only be given for every additional 5 page likes and they will be posted to the public Facebook page. To keep it fair for everyone, no additional clues will be given out to individuals.
6. Have fun, be safe! If you do have any questions definitely send us a message or an email and we will do our best to clarify your inquiry while keeping the integrity of the game.

Good Luck!