Who are We?

Simply put, we are the real life treasure hunt people.  We craft our experiences based on each unique individual.  Using a series of clues delivered in many different ways, you can send a loved one on an exciting journey that they'll never forget!  It's the perfect gift for any occasion.

What's the treasure at the end you ask?  That depends.  It can be something as simple as a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop, or, something as exciting as sold out playoff tickets to their favorite team! We specialize in fine dining, luxury travel, and sporting events.  Whatever budget you have in mind, we take pride in the value that we're able to offer in our experiences.  We often hear the old saying about, 'what to get the person in your life that has it all', well, that's where we come in, our niche is putting together a gift that never gets forgotten, and talked about often.

If you are at all interested in participating in one of our adventures, we strongly encourage you to follow these steps:

1.  For now, keep your inquiries with us a secret from the person you would like to send on the adventure.

2.  Email us at the address below to start the process.  We will answer any questions you have, and begin to draft a package based on your needs.  This stage is all free of charge.

Contact Us

Any questions or to book a free initial appointment email us at: